Monday, July 27, 2015


My mom gave me a very special wedding gift she had custom shoes ordered for me to wear on my wedding day ! I love them and can't wait to wear them at the wedding and all of mine and Kurts anniversaries.

The Dress

It's here!!!!!!



Bridal Shower

My mom and Aunt Cheryl threw me a Bridal shower with family and a few friends. It was a beautiful day spent with those I love most. I was spoiled too! Such a fun day !

Friday, February 27, 2015

Save the Date

We're getting married !!!!!!
 Hope you can all be there to share our special day with us ! 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Future Mrs Thompson

Tonight Kurt proposed in front of our parents it was a very special night that I will always remember. I love him and I cant wait to be his wife.

Saturday, February 7, 2015


tonight was a very special date night for me and Kurt! I love this boy so much!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I love this boy and I feel like luck is on my side since meeting him. More details to come !!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I have been dealing with some health things lately. Most dont know details and I guess the details arent important, but it caused me to go to an obgyn doctor to get some answers. During my appointment I discovered that I have gained a significant amount of weight since my surgery almost exactly a year ago. This got me super depressed. I knew I had gained weight but didnt think it was such a high number. I look back on pictures like this

Granted this was well over 5 years ago, but what I hate is that I thought I was "fat" then. I didnt like myself even when I  had those legs and that slender waist. I cant believe how hard we are on ourselves. I am the heaviest I have ever been, but I have learned to love the things about me that make me unique like my super pasty white skin, freckles, green eyes. All the things that make me me. I for sure want to lose weight and I plan on it, but with that weight loss I want to gain a greater appreciation for the things that make me truly unique. To stop hiding behind things that I consider flaws and embrace them for what they truly are. I never want to be as heavy as I am now and I want to feel and be much healthier.  This is for sure a long term goal for me, but I want to get to a point where I wont care what others think... Ill wear shorts or a skirt with just my bare legs and not care that they are as white as they are, because I have no control over those things. Why do I get so down about things I seriously have no control over. Sure I can be upset about my weight because that I have control over. As Ive gotten older I notice things about my friends and not in a creepy way I just notice things that I think they might not like about themselves and I think it makes them beautiful. I know Ill never be that skinny again, for goodness sakes I have hips now, I am more mature and things wont be that way again for me, but I do know that I can control certain things. Those things are what  I have to focus on.

 During my Dr visit he discussed a few things with me. Things that were difficult to hear. He told me that because of my long medical history with a certain issue there is a good chance I would have a difficult time getting pregnant. That broke me a little. I know he could be VERY wrong, but just to hear that hit me hard. Knowing I am going to older when I get married and knowing how much I want kids...something like that has always been a little bit of a fear I have had. I have always wanted to be a mom, that goal seems so far off. When things are said so bluntly like that it makes me feel like its even farther from my future. This next month I am turning 28 and as I see friends families grow I cant help but feel a little void in my life. I have heard stories of drs being wrong, and others hearing the same thing and that years later they have a very large family with kids of their own. This was just another trial for me, something I have to learn to cope with and overcome. I still hope that one day that goal of being a wife and a mom with come, I want to be ready for it when it does. Timing is funny like that, just when things seem to be going ok another road block is sent your way and you have to re direct. I get it, I need to lose weight. I need to get to a healthier and happier me if I want to achieve those goals I have for myself. Nothing would make me happier then to be a mom and I want to be a healthy one if and when that time does come. Some things that I have learned from my trials this year are that things can always be worse than they are. I need to embrace change, focus, and love my life for what it is and not for what its not. Be proud of little achievements that I do have and try not to get to down for the things that are not happening in the time frame that I have planned. I also have learned that I need to be realistic and ok with what does happen. If I never get to that far off goal of being a mom I need to be ok with that and not waste perfectly good things in my life because I might focus on the things that arent happening that I want to happen. Life is beautiful it really is.

This week was nothing but a setback, I feel lousy and to be honest I just want to cry...but for now Im going to go to bed and be proud of myself for not having any candy or snacks today, eating small portions, and drinking lots of water( and only 1 Dr Pepper.) Good night blogger world