Sunday, August 29, 2010

Be thou an Example of the Believers

It's been over a year now since I was a counselor at Efy. I was a counselor at the Ogden Utah session at Weber State Institute. I think about my time at that session all the time and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to do what I did. I grew so much. I was pretty nervous at first but it became easier as the session went on to make new friends and to be ok with the fact that I felt completely our of place. The session director said something at our meeting the night before Efy started that really helped me. He told us that there are kids coming to this Efy who have all sorts of things to overcome and to learn. Their parents are on their knees tonight praying for you their child's counselor. Their parents are praying for you. That made it so much more individual to me. All of a sudden when I looked at the names of the girls on my list they became more than just names it was the weirdest thing. I've never felt an instant love for a name on a piece of paper. I love my girls, they each had such unique personalities and such amazing spirits. It was humbling to know that we each had very different circumstances that we were dealing with but yet we all were so united in many things. They were a lot of fun too. I think that my girls were the most beautiful, charismatic girls at the session, I really do I'm not just saying that. I met some really great teachers and counselors there too but I really wanted to focus on getting to know the girls I was a counselor to. Because of that I grew to really love them. They made the whole thing worth it. I am so glad that there are opportunities like that in our Gospel to really grow. I can really see Efy as one of those times that I truly developed a piece of my Testimony it was great and I'm so glad I went.I really can't believe it was a year ago, I miss it, I miss the people, I miss all of it. Such a great experience such a learning experience all of it was great.

Me and the girls I met that were also counselors

Me and Elise
Handing out the T shirts

Jesse, Me and Courtney the co-counselors of our group
Me and Leslie she is probably my favorite
Mandy and me. She didn't come with a friend like the other girls so we spent a lot of time talking. I love her.
Rachel, Anna and me at the dance. These two were so hyper which is what I loved about them
Sister Garf and me she was a teacher at the session
Me and Kadie
Jakes over the top was tradition.

The session directors and me
Our cool shoes
The food that was not the most appealing food.
Our groups banner
They made a tunnel to for counselors

My favorite picture of my and my girls

Our Devotional day
Mine and Anna's matching shoes
Final day
All the Counselors the final day at Efy
Kendall me and Lauren at the dance ( I was on hall duty )
Me and Chantelle ready to be done with the dance
Choose Liberty group
My girls
The rings I got my girls to help them remember they are Daughters of a King

 I got to go to Efy back in 2004. I went to the Logan Session, I loved it so much. I guess that's one of the main reasons I wanted to be a counselor.

Me and my counselor Jaclyn
Kalli and me the first day
The girls in my group
Kalli and me during scripture study
Our whole company the 30000 Leagues
The whole company

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