Friday, August 20, 2010

Some old things I came across

I found some old posts on my MySpace page, most of the posts are from 2005-2007. I realize I change a lot each year but I still feel really strongly about certain things. It is really crazy all that has and hasn't changed since I wrote them. The old posts I found were pretty amusing, so here they are:

November 16,2007

I have been thinking that I have figured alot more stuff out since last year Id like to share some insight with you.....

1. Boys are always boys never men. Men are the ones who say "yes youre right about that I did screw up " or "Id love to help you with the dishes right after I take out the trash."
2. There are some things guys should do for girls period.
3. Puppies are alot of work and a good way of realizing you dont want kids for A LONG LONG time.
4. Moms are usually right unless theyre dating again and in that mood that you should never be in after 3 kids and a divorce.
5.New cars are alot of money.
6. Life goes on even if you dont want it to and all you want to do is sit down and cry like when you were little and could get away with it.
7. Girls at the library are full of drama and obviously still in high school maybe even junior high and dang Im glad that I dont have to deal with the drama and backstabbing of it all. yes it does still occur outside of school, but not nearly as annoying. inch never hurt anyone
9. teaching kids your own age ages you
10. pictures are always a good way to pass the time others will get sick of taking them with you but its still amusing.

July 8,2007

oh man I think that besides a few things in life the hardest most terrifying and simply awkward thing in my life has been watching my parents start to date other people again. The divorce was scary and at times still is but nothing compares to that feeling of knowing that your dad is with someone other then your mom and that your mom is on a date with a Richard. ( I know sixlets all Richards are off limits ) I feel so weird knowing that one day soon Ill have a step mom and maybe even a step dad. they have different lives that they're bringing into my family like kids and grand kids. Its way weird to me.

May 14, 2006

Things I hate:
looking awesome on the nights that you do nothing
people who butt in front of you in line at the grocery store
when it rains the whole time you are at the real soccer game and then someone steals your umbrella
hanging out and not dating
when you really like a guy and you get all excited to kiss him and then when you finally do it feels like you're kissing a guy who has never kissed a girl in his life
1 hour and 45 min meetings at fashion place mall in the middle of a date
when you drop something and no one helps you pick it up
when the movie you want is all checked out at the Redbox and you find one you like and try to enter your pin number in the place they ask for your zip code
saying something you think will be funny and no one else laughs
hearing that the guy you like is engaged and its not to you
blondes who act stupid cause they can
boys who say they'll call but never do
guys who you don't want to call but do
getting money out of the ATM and being charged a service fees
turning on the radio and hearing only 30 secs of your favorite song
boys who think pink is hot on them when its really not
text messaging
paying six dollars for parking
when your window doesn't roll down but you have to go through the drive thru at the bank.
when you want to change lanes the person next to you drives the same speed as you and makes you miss your exit
people who try to act like they are better then they really are just so people will like them.
cleaning my car
finding out your dad is dating someone
fighting with your mom
brothers who act like they're 5 when really they're 23
friends who would rather watch tv at home then go out and do something
boys who want to take you on a date but are too cheap to ever drive or pay
cell phone bills
being told off
knowing that you should have listened to your mom
breaking up
paying taxes
clothes that shrink in the wash
paying almost $3 a gallon for stupid gas
people who try too hard
high school girls
doing the dishes
people who drive 5 miles slower then they should
Layton traffic
anyone named Tyler
going to school on Saturdays
when you cant find your keys
being late
dailys at school
stupid and annoying commercials
Utah drivers
people who ask for money when you're walking in Salt Lake
when it snows all the way up till April
being in the car for 4 hours when you really have to pee
having to buy 7 wedding and bridal shower gifts in less then 3 months
road trips with your family
people who think that tickling is funny
clients who come into my school and tell me they have a highly contagious disease
people who say "am I tanner then you ?"
not having cable
forgetting the end of a joke
hospital food and picky nurses
waking up before the sun
not having enough time to get ready
seeing a guy you have liked forever on the day you didn't do your hair or makeup

August 7, 2005

Love is:
This is the way I see it. I think that the heart is forever inexperienced. I think that life happens between the heartaches and it is then that we really grow and develop. Its that time that we have away from someone that we have the relationships with those that truly matter. Love gives us that. The relationships we have in between are the ones that help us develop into the kind of people we ultimately become. I know that we have to have those awful breakups to realize when the good ones come along how lucky we really are. I know that they come and it's meant to be bad sometimes that just how it has to be. The breakups and heartache make it so that when the ones that you really want to last come along you will be ready through the things you were taught in the past. Love is cool like that how it shows up in the most unexpected but often most needed times. Love never really leaves us its us that become bitter to love. Love is always there always has been that's what makes life worth living.I'm not even talking about just romantic love. Love comes in so many ways. I do know that I can't wait till I find the one that wants to wake up every morning next to me and knowing everything about me makes him love me that much more not the other way around. It will happen even for me. Love is what makes it all worth it.

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