Monday, October 4, 2010

My crafty weekend.

I really love conference weekend. I have been sick all week and with conference being 2 hours each session I had a lot of time sitting. I decided to make some beanies. I ended up making 6 beanies total. 3 for my friends new babies that are due the beginning of the year. ( I guess showing the pictures is going to spoil their gift, sorry girls) I made two for me that I am going to interchange the flower on, and I made one for my friend Melissa. I have some friends that asked me to make them one too. Guess I am going to be making some more but I really like them I think that they are so cute. I want to try a stripped one next! I really wish I knew how to crochet but these will have to do for now. This in no way indicates that I want winter to come any sooner than it is going to come, but when it does I will be ready for the cold. Kind of. 

The baby beanies for my friends.
Baby beanie.
My beanie.
My beanie.
Melissa's beanie.

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