Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trip to Cali

Me and Melissa were talking one night and she suggested a trip to California and Vegas over Fall break. I thought it was a great idea. We (Me Melissa and Aaron) went the week of October 9-16. We stopped in Vegas first and stayed at my cousin Myleas house. We went on the strip which was fun. Vegas is a crazy place. We got to Cali on Sunday went to Hollywood which was really awesome. There was a lot to see and a lot of cool shops to go to. We stayed at her friend Taras families house. We woke up super early Monday morning and went to the taping of the Price is Right. It is the LONGEST most exhausting process ever. We got to wait in a total of I think 5 lines the first one starting at 4 am. We didnt get on the show as a contestant but we were on the second row right behind the contestants it was fun to see how it is tapped. The studio is a lot smaller than it looks on tv. We were so tired that we just got pizza and spent the night at Taras. The next day we spent the whole day at the beach Aaron slept in until like 2 pm we got bored and drew things on his face and he slept through it all. It was hilarious. The beach was so great. I LOVE the beach despite the fact that Im super white and dont really fit into the whole beach scene. We wanted to see the beach at Sunset but it was too cloudy. The next day we spent the whole day at Disneyland. It was the best part of the whole trip. I loved Disneyland. We went on all the rides. The teacup ride is still my favorite. We went to California Adventure too I havent ever been there which is why I think I liked it so much. The tower of Terror was an insane ride I loved it. Its a close second as my favorite ride. I was so sad when the day was over and we had to leave. We drove to Melissas aunts house and spent the rest of our trip there. They live in Simi Valley. We were going to go to the beach all day Thursday but it was way too foggy so we just went shopping. Kind of a major let down. We got to go to dinner with Mels family. I really love her aunt and family they were so much fun. We played games with them "The Great Dalmuti" ( I cant spell ) Its a game a lot like scum but more fun. On Friday the last day of our trip we went to SixFlags it wasnt as fun as I had hoped and to be honest I just wish I was back at Disneyland. I got sick after 2 rides and the rest of the day was trying to get feeling better. I did however go on 2 of the rides I was too chicken to go on last time I was at Six Flags. I was proud of that. At her aunts house we watched a ton of episodes of the show "Vampire Diaries" a show I told myself not to watch cause I knew Id get hooked. Well I got hooked, we all did. On the last day Saturday we packed up and drove home. The car ride home was funny we put the passenger seat back all the way and put the lap top up and watched the whole first season of the Vampire Diaries that I bought at Wal Mart on the way home. WE hooked the sound up through the speakers of the car and Aaron drove the whole way. It was awesome. The trip was so much fun I really really really didnt want to be home again. It was one of the most fun trips Ive been on in a while. It was the best week.

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