Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fabric Flower Hair Clips...My new obsession!

So I found this blog online (randomly) and I saw some fabric flower clips for your hair that someone had made. I thought that they were so cute. It wasn't the first time Ive seen them, but I have never thought to myself "Oh I should make those." I got the "bug" to make them and now I love them. The first one I did turned out perfect. I was shocked how easily it came and how it looked pretty dang cute for a first try. I made some for my friends to go with the beanies I made for their baby gifts. ( it kind of makes me want a little girl like a lot.) Then I got to making them for me and I had made 6 of them before I realized it. I have some other ones I want to make too. I made one to wear at my friends wedding. Her colors are Pink Orange and Brown. I think the colors work perfect and theyll go good with my boring brown dress Im probably going to wear. Ill show the example I found of the orange flower...I sort of copied it and made mine a lot like it but I actually like mine a lot better not to sound conceited or anything. Anyways I really think I have found a new love. The flowers are super easy to make and you can do a ton of different kinds, colors, patterns, and what not.Here are some pictures of the ones I made.

The one I didnt make but found on someones inspiration for this whole idea

Made these for my friends gift
Made these for Leslie

Made these for Lisa

My version of the clip I found on the blog....the one I made to wear to Beks wedding.

I kind of wish it were bigger in my hair but it works to add some color

The end


  1. LOVE all of them!! How do I try it?? So So So Cute! Now you are making me want a little girl :)...

  2. seriously cute! now please post instructions or a link to the instructions so i can try :)

  3. and I must also mention how perfect and shiny your hair is. Love your hair as I always have

  4. just fyi... you can make me and my baby more of these anytime you want :)