Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Writting it all down

I have been trying to organize all my things and that includes all my journals. I went through my box of journals and when I counted them I have around 40 of them. I think my first one was when I turned 8. That's when I remember I decided I needed to start writing in a journal. Reading through them has been quite humorous to say the least. I can tell a huge change in the writing style from year to year and I can tell which ones are from when I'm older. Sometimes I feel like I have way too many journals to keep track of and I wish they were in only a few instead of nearly 40 of them. In reality, I am really glad I have been so good at writing. I know that it is going to be something that I value for a long time. It will be something that those I love can read and cherish too. I made it a goal and it is one that I have actually stuck to. I love reading back a year ago to the exact date and see what I was doing.

 By the end of the year I'm going to be on my 41st journal...41st!

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