Monday, November 15, 2010

The Sixlets

I have this group of friends from High School (some Ive known longer) and I have managed to stay in contact with all of them even though weve been graduated for 5 years now. They are the best friends I have ever ever had. I really can talk to them about anything, they truly know the most about me, and I dont have as much fun with anyone else as I do with them. 4 of them are married, 1 has a little boy, 2 are expecting little girls in January and 1 is engaged and getting married this November. We have all changed so much, of course thats what happens after high school, but even with the changes we are all still really great friends. I think that they are going to be the friends I know for my whole life, for that I am so grateful. I love these girls and am so lucky to have them as a part of my life.

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