Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Birthday Weekend!

Its official Im 24 now! Not sure if thats a good bad thing yet. I had a really great weekend (aside from feeling a little sick)I had all day off work on Saturday and I got to sleep in....heaven. Satuday night my friends all put together a party for me. I had mentioned that I wanted to have a party with Nachos but that I also wanted to do a toga party too. So we combine the two ideas and it became my Mexican Toga Birthday Party.My friends went all out and we did lots of fun things. My friends dressed up and played along with the really random theme and some friends even grew mustaches. We had food...nachos, pitas, grapes, sparkling cider and pina colodas. We listened to some Mariachi music on Pandora. No Mexican Toga party is complete without toga twoster and a Pinata right ? We ended the night with watching the movie Nacho Libre.A perfect movie for an ending to a Mexican Toga Party. I had a lot of fun and I would have to say my favorite part was when my friends turned off all the lights and sang Happy Birthday to me in Spanish. Now we can all say weve been to a party as random as my Mexican Toga Birthday Party.

My actual Birthday was on Sunday. I went to my singles ward and all my friends wished me a Happy Birthday. I really have some great friends. That night I spent with my family. My mom surprised me with dinner yummy ravioli and garlic bread. My brothers Brandon who I hardly ever see came to spend time with us and eat dinner with us. The party then moved to my grandmas. My other brother Tyler, my grandparents, my aunt Cheryl, and cousins Whitney, Maddie and Kenzie were all there. I feel like we always have cake with the extended family so this year was no different. Grandpa wouldnt let me blow out the candles until he went and got the fire extinguisher. I think that was him telling me Im old now. I always am sad when Birthdays are over. When I was little it was because I would have to wait a whole year for the day that was all about me. Now that Im older Im sad because its another year past. Why is it that way when we get older?I reflected a lot this year on my life and what Ive done in the 24 years of it. This year felt very different even though we did the exact same thing I do every year. I realized why it was different. This Birthday was my first Birthday not at my old house in Bountiful. I miss those Birthdays It really isnt the same as it used to be. so 23 is over and done and now Im on to 24. Heres to hoping its the best year yet.
 On Monday my grandparents took me to breakfast at Mimis cafe in Layton. Its a tradition for our grandparents to take us out for breakfast on our birthdays. I love this tradition. Monday night my mom decided to extend my birthday a little longer. We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. This was my first choice when it came to dinner I love that restaurant. We went to look at the lights at Temple Square afterward.It was a good Birthday!

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