Thursday, December 23, 2010

reasons why its great to be single

saw this on my friends blog and I couldnt agree more so Im copying and pasting now...

Reasons why its great to be single:
  1.  i don't share my bed with anyone. which means i can sleep in any position i want, right in the middle, and there is no one to complain about me being a "bed hog"
  2. i get the whole closet to myself too. another pair of shoes? yeah, i can make room for those.
  3. speaking of shoes, i get to buy as many pairs as i like (which is a lot) since i'm spending my money and taking up my space.
  4. as for my space, it's just that. mine. i decorate, redecorate and rearrange however and as often as i please.
  5. i have plenty of opportunity to cultivate and develop my talents and interests.
  6. or just sit around and do nothing.
  7. i facebook stalk without wondering how someone else is going to feel about it. (don't judge me, you do it too)
  8. i sometimes eat dinner at 10:30, and i'm okay with that
  9. nobody feels neglected when i do things just for me
  10. no husband means no children and no children means i never smell like baby puke or look like i've been standing under a tree which is heavily populated by birds with tummy trouble.
couldnt agree more linds couldnt agree more.


  1. Hahaha! yeah, I remember those days :). Definitely a time and season for everything, enjoy it while it lasts girl, because I know you'll love each stage of life as it comes at you ;).

  2. I still eat dinner at 10:30, and sit around and do nothing.

  3. I love it! I am so copying and pasting it onto my blog!