Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Because I have been given much

Sunday I almost slept through church. My mom came in and woke me up at 10:15. I had set my alarm for 8:15 so Id have plenty of time to get up and get to chruch. The only problem was the alarm was set for pm not am. I usually leave for church by 10:40 so I can make it right at 11:00 but this week I was late. I wasnt going to go. My mom is a great mom (yes I am living at home) and told me I need to go to church. I made it to church. I was tired from being out late, sleeping in and I really just wasnt in the mood to go to the rest of my meetings even though Ive been trying to go to all 3. I made it to Temple Prep and it went really good. Our teacher told us that she wants us to think of Peace when we think about entering the Temple. I liked how she put it that way, that its a place of Peace. Something I need in my life right now. We also talked about Covenants and Ordinances and the differences between the two. I missed taking the Sacrament due to my lateness and so I waited for the Sacrament in the ward after us. I know how much the Sacrament helps me so I try to always make sure I get it even if I am late. Somehow I ended up in the combined Relief Society and Priesthood meeting. They talked about service. The last half hour of class we took bread and jam to elderly people in the ward area. The first house we went to no one was home. The second house we went to was Sister Dobb (Im not sure on the spelling ) She was an old lady who I think lives alone. Her house was so interesting. She had tons of gnomes everywhere and told us she collects them. Her house had pictures everywhere and she showed them off to us of her grandkids and family. Her house had a ton of character which I loved. She was a sweet lady. When we asked her about her grandkids she said how one of her little grandkids died and she was angry at God for it. I immediately felt so sorry for her. I could tell it was something that really bothered her. I hate when that happens that people get mad at God when a child is taken early in life. I wanted to tell her how because of God we are able to be with the child again,that it all will be made right in the end. Its up to us to stay faithful so we can see that child again. I dont know why the time we spent with her meant so much to me but it really really did. I realized I was in a group with some really great friends and we were around a really amazing lady. She was a sweet lady who you can tell loves her family. Our friend Rex asked her if we could leave with a prayer. His prayer was very strong. I felt like it was something she and even I needed to hear. I am so glad we got to see her and to just say hi and let her know we care. I gave her a hug as we were leaving, I wanted so badly to be able to help her more. We met another couple that is very active in the church and they kept saying " why visit us" and I thought " why not visit you ." They were great too. I LOVED that we got to go do that. I am almost mad at myself that I was going to miss out on it because of my lazyness. I feel like too often I am lazy and dont do things for others like I should. This week has been a huge reminder for me on service. On the way to church I heard the second or third verse of a hymn on the radio. The hymn is in the top 5 for me of my favorite hymns. I never noticed the other verses. It talked about service (mostly Missionary work) Ill post the lyrics later when I get a hold of them.
It was just a cool experience for me. Im thankful for a Bishop who knew that we could all benefit from taking the bread and jam and Im grateful for that lady we visited.

We made Valentines for people at the Retirement Center for FHE and I also wasnt going to go but ended up going. Its been a good week that Ive been reminded of helping others.

Because I have been given much I too must give. This is my motto for the month of February. Hope in some way you will think about it too.

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