Monday, March 14, 2011

30 before 30

I have decided that I'm going to do a 30 before 30 list. If anyone wants to join me then let me know. I will have to think a little bit for 30 things and I might change my mind on some of these, but I'm going to start my list now. Since I have 6 years to do all 30 of them they need to be BIG (sometimes cheesy,random, or ridiculous) things that I wouldn't do otherwise. 

1.Sky diving
2.Sleep under the stars in a place I've never been
3.Travel to Ireland (wishful thinking) 
4.Kiss a boy in the rain or kiss a complete stranger
5.Get over my fear of swimming
6.Write a song for the guitar
7.Send a message
8.Be a part of a "flash mob" ( a dance that randomly happens in public) 
9.Do something the scares me 
10.See a Broadway play (preferably Wicked)
11.Take a professional make-up class and be good at it
12.Loose 30 pounds and maintain that weight
13.Learn to cook better
14.Donate to someone who needs my help,sponsor a child
15.Embarrass myself in public and for once not care what people think
16.Learn a new language
17.Go to the Sacred Grove
18.Master Photoshop
19.See 5 new Temples
20.Take out my Endowments
21.Film a day of my life
22.Buy some expensive jewelery just because
23.Sleep a whole night in a hammock
24.Read at least 3 classic novels and Book of Mormon
25.Learn to ballroom dance
26.Convertible or motorcycle road trip with no destination
27.Take risks with my job
28.Hot air balloon ride
29.Learn to snowboard
30.Write a letter to the people who have impacted or changed my life most, make sure they get the letter

to be continued....


  1. sweetheart you don't have 30 pounds to lose, silly!! but this list thing is a great idea. oh and when you go to ireland, take me with you please!!

  2. i was thinking the same thing, 30 lbs!!! where are you gonna get 30 lbs?!!
    however, i like the rest of your list. i have one too, but i am running out of time, so i'd better get crackin'!