Monday, March 21, 2011

Bachelor Finale

 Me and Katie at work did a bet on the finale of Bachelor. We bet a dollar. She bet that he'd pick Em and I bet he'd pick Chantal. Guess who lost?

Needless to say Brad picked Emily. Sadly I had to pay off my debt. I left the dollar for Katie at her station at work. I was way sad that he didnt pick Chantal I know its lame I would care so much about a tv show. I got to watch it with Jo while she had strep. She was the one friend of mine that didnt read the spoilers on who won. It was funny how we both got so into the ending of the show. I must admit that Brads proposal was really great. My favorite was when he said " let me be your forever." I hated seeing Chantal crying because he didn't choose her.Being dumped on national television would be by far the worst way to be dumped. I really wanted her to have the chance to be the new Bachelorette but  instead it is Ashley H. Which will be interesting. I always tell myself not to get hooked on the season but I always end up getting sucked in.
Go Chantal!!! I hope you find your happy ending too. Oh and Katie, enjoy your dollar hahaha

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