Thursday, April 7, 2011

4 Things

Thanks to Les I have been tagged so here goes ...

4 shows I watch:
1.One Tree Hill
2.Vampire Diaries
3.Americas Next Top Model

4 things Im passionate about:
1.Singing or anything to do with music
2.Decorating, making things, or changing things to make it more me
3.My work I love being a Cosmetologist and know Ive been blessed to love it as much as I do
4.Photography all of it, taking pictures, editing them, framing them.

4 phrases I use a lot:
1. "I know right?"
2."Don't judge me"
3. "Oh f"
4. "Yikes"

4 things Ive learned from the past:
1. Never say you have or havent had something happen because most likely it will or will not happen
2. Dont ever do anything you wouldnt want your mom or future kids to know you did
3. Its ok to be you, you are your own form of beautiful and there really is no one like you. You should love and embrace every part of you because its you and no one else (Im still working on this one)
4. Being single isnt always a bad thing, enjoy the time you have in the present because one day itll be a place you wish you were still at.

4 things I did yesterday:
1.Went to the doctor 
3.Met up with friends for a movie
4.Talked to a good friend on the phone

4 places Id love to visit:

4 things Im looking foreward to:
1.Summer ...lying in my hammock, camping, sunshine, flip flops,yogurt stop runs
2.Josh Gracin concert
3.Kenny Chesney concert
4.Eventually meeting and marrying my future husband

4 things I love about spring:
3.General Conference
4.Newness (if thats not already a word I just made it one)

Im tagging:
Melissa Ortolani
Whitney Wood
Brenda Dies
Elizabeth Johnson

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