Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hitting a brick wall at 80mph

I know what you're thinking, she's venting on her blog again. You're right I am, but I feel like I deserve to vent over this one.

 Ladies I hate to admit it but the movie "He's just not that into you" is completely accurate. I've learned this in the past but like most girls I thought "maybe this time is the exception." " Maybe he's not going to end up being a complete jerk who I have to convince myself to hate." Wrong again. It's the rule: If a guy is into you he will make things happen. I'm learning that time doesn't matter in any case and that although you are sent tons of mixed signals where things look like he might in fact be into really is true that he is just not that into you. I feel sad for us girls. We are those girls who help prep the guys for the next time when they don't hurt the girl because they saw how badly it broke us. I am tired of being that girl. This right here, the feeling like I hit a brick wall going 80 mph, is the reason I usually don't go for guys in the first place. I have turned down guys in the past because I didn't want to be hurt (even though it probably could have been a really good relationship one that probably wouldn't have ended all that badly.) I feel like I try to guard myself from this happening. In those times where I let my guard down I realize how stupid it really was to do so. I admit it... I'm stupid. If I could have warned myself about this one I would have.I was talking to a friend and I told her something I need to really be telling myself. After she realized a guy she's liked for a while isn't into her (but later found out he is into her...long story where in this case the guy is an idiot) I told her how "it sucks right now, it's going to hurt, but that through all of it there is a reason it's not working out and that is because there is something better a head. It isn't working out because you have something more right for you and when that comes along it'll make all this hurt worth it." So for now I am taking my own advise. As great as I know that friend is, I realize I am great too. I need to stay positive and hopeful. This really is something I can learn from. Life is always making me a better version of myself and even though its not fun to get there it's worth it.To all my friends who have fallen into the same vicious cycle with guys know that you are not alone. You are beautiful and deserve your best happy endings. One day we're going to get our chance when we are that girl that doesn't get hurt, I know it!

Here's to hoping that tomorrow is a sunny, beautiful day where I put all this behind me and everyone has a really great day filled with lots of good things...where people are just happy. There aren't enough of those really good days and dammit we deserve a good day!


  1. It WILL be okay. Just keep on keeping on. PS I love that you tagged this "jerks."

  2. did you get yourself some ribs and some ice cream? i did after my last debacle. know what? it actually kinda made me feel better. weird. also, i love you and i'm so glad that you are staying optimistic, 'cuz i'm not and someone's gotta balance that out!