Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Boy meets girl ...Boy marries girl

The story of my parents doesn't start at Viewmont High school, but it is where boy (my dad) met girl (my mom). The year was 1975 It was then that they met, followed by 2 years of boy mailing letters all the way from Australia to girl  in the USA.Boy returns from his mission and dates girl, a few kisses between girl and boy, a proposal from boy to girl on December 12th and a wedding of boy and girl May 4th, 1979 in the Salt Lake Temple. Jump a head to now 33 years later, 3 kids, a family life in the house behind a house in Bountiful Utah, a lot of togetherness as a family and sadly a divorce. Boy and girl both mean the world to me and although they didn't make it as a couple they made it as my parents. I learned much about life and who I want to be because of that boy and girl. Because they met, dated, got married and decided to have a family, I am here, my brothers are here. I was able to grow up knowing a mom and dad in a marriage that was sealed in the Temple. I love my parents and although they didnt make it in their marriage to each other, I am grateful to have them. To know that I have a mom and dad that love me is very important to me. In a box, I have a few of my most favorite possessions. The first is some letters my mom and dad sent while my dad was on his mission, the second is my moms veil and wedding dress that she wore when her and my dad were sealed, and the third is an announcement of my parents wedding. I know its weird to write about my parents on my blog, especially since their marriage ended in divorce. I thought a lot about them today and why May 4th is so important to me and I guess it was just on my mind a lot today. Thanks mom and dad for your examples and for bringing me my family that I have. I love you both!

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