Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Royal Wedding 2011

I know, I know who really cares about the Royal Wedding? well, actually, I do! I'll tell you why:

I think it is a fairy tale kind of story and I love that those still exist. When I think of a Princess I picture Belle from the Beauty and the Beast and I think that Catherine is a complete Princess, just like Belle. She is so pretty and elegant. You can tell that her and William really do love each other. The whole family shows love and I like being able to see that. I thought it was so cute that Williams younger brother whispered something to William as Catherine was walking down the isle. Then how William said she looks beautiful once he saw her. Usually I think those things are sort of cheesy but when I really think about it I am a hopeless romantic and I love seeing weddings and I get all caught up in the gag me that was cheesy moments. I love weddings and I especially liked the Royal Wedding.

Talk about a fairy tale kind of life and wedding. I mean Catherine came from a simple town and a simple life and now she is a Princess . Met her Prince 10 or so years ago, stayed friends all that time, and now are married. I just thought it was all romantic. It made me want to move to England and be in a whole new place. I thought all of the wedding was beautiful including her dress and hello 18 carat ring! Loved it all!

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