Sunday, September 11, 2011

To: Heather From: a friend who knows something

...and this is what I learned today

-Someone else cannot absolve loneliness. If I am lonely on my own, I will be lonely with someone else.

- God doesn’t want you to feel lonely and abandoned. God wants to mold you.  He is fully aware of how broken we are. He sets a path in front of you to shape you.

-You’re single because you deserve to be alone. Not because you don’t deserve someone else to love you, but because you deserve to have time to love yourself and just yourself. Because you deserve to be the best possible version of you for everyone else in your life. 

- You are single because this is the time that God is going to use you the most, where you’re going to learn about what you want in life. This is where God is casting your mold. This is where He is shaping your weakness into strength. 

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