Monday, January 30, 2012

Dear ____

Dear B-
I still cant believe what happened this week. I feel so broken. I turned down at least 4 guys this week so I wouldn't hurt you and doing that only hurt me. Why didn't you turn around? We had a great thing... way to blow it. I really dont understand why you acted like you did. Why knowing it would hurt me didn't affect you. You say you weren't doing things to hurt me, but thats exactly what it did. Were you thinking of me at all? Thanks to you and our talk the bathroom at my house is super clean, along with my room... my car. Heartbreak isnt the best way to get sleep. I guess now you know why I was so hesitant to trust you with my feelings. I think I was right to still have up those walls. I hope you can see why. I get it now that all we went through was for a purpose. Im trying to learn from all that happened between us. I hope you can learn and grow from it too. Please dont hurt me anymore. I hate that I wonder if you think about me, or miss me. I hate even more that I wonder if I really mattered to you at all. What you did said so much more then anything you could ever say to convince me other wise. Was it worth it?
ps you suck 

Dear Ice skating boy-
I am such an idiot. I cant believe I cancelled plans with you last minute. I hope you forgive me. You are such a great guy, you didnt deserve what I did. I hope you can understand why I did it. I hope I get to see you soon. Don't try to kiss me because that would make things really awkward.

Dear D-
You are the most confusing guy I think I have ever met. You say you miss me and that you want to see me. The back and forth stuff is getting old. You're either into me or you're not. We're either friends or we like each other. It wouldnt be so complicated if you would figure out how you feel and then acted on that. I promise Ill be ok if you and I are just friends. Do you contact me right before your 10 day cruise just to make me think about you and miss you? It's working if you do.

Dear hot ward guy-
You're hot, I'm single,( I pretend you're single even though I have no clue if you are or not).....lets date.

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