Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Here you go... an update on mom. Her Lupus has been giving her problems for a long time. She has always had it managed for the most part. Recently she has had extremely low blood platelets. This made day to day living so hard for her. Right before her surgery she was at 11,000 platelets and from what Im told  normal low platelet count is 150,000. She was dropping 7,000 in platelets each week. It was becoming fatal. This is why she had surgery to remove her spleen. She had it done hoping that it will help her blood count go up.

Her surgery was Monday and it went as good as we hoped it would. She was in the Hospital all day Monday and came home today. Her surgery went over an hour longer then expected which was making us nervous. I can't explain how happy I was to see her come out of the Operating room, safe and un harmed. She hand picked her doctors and nurses since she works at the Hospital she got her surgery done at. That made things a little less scary. I am so grateful for those Doctors. For their knowledge and for the concern they had for my mom. I owe them a lot and I am so glad they did all they did for her. Modern medicine amazes me. We are lucky to have all we have to help us get better and be our best. I spent all day Monday with her in the Hospital, which felt like at least 2 days. I got there at 7 am and didn't leave until 8 pm. She had a TON of visitors ( including Bryce who brought her was such a relief to see him) She also had a few blessings given to her which I know helped. I truly feel that there were Angels there and all day with her. You can tell she is loved. I got her a  "Duke fill in" since he had to be at home. She held onto the stuffed animal the entire time she was recovering. It was very funny how much she loved it .I was hoping for more funny things while she was coming out of Anesthesia, but she was very mellow. For family that we didn't get a hold of or talk to since her surgery, I am sorry. Hopefully you see this and feel up dated. I have been so grateful for the friends and family who not only made sure my mom was ok, but me too. Now we wait to make sure that this will help her blood count go up. Wishing for the best as always. Thanks for those who have helped us get through this. I would be fine if I never had to go back to that Hospital under those circumstances ever again.

( I couldnt help but take a few pictures Im sure she wont mind I posted these seeing as I dont know she even knows I have a blog. )


  1. so glad she's doing ok, heather! keep us updated.

  2. I'm so glad for the update! Your mom is just adorable with that stuffed animal :). I'll be hoping she recovers well... and you too. I'm glad you took pics.