Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What I learned in 2011

These " Things I needed to know in life I learned from " or "The things I learned " lists have become quite popular since my moms 50th Birthday list I made her. So, I decided to do a the things I learned in 2011 list. Here it is.

The things I learned in 2011

Chocolate pretzels still are the best snack food ever
Dressing up with friends and ringing in the New Year is a lot of fun
New Years means new you
The longer you wait to do something the harder it is to do it and the easier it is to not do it
Dont set goals since they are never kept. 
Sometimes its ok to just be a better you to do better and be better
Check engine light doesnt always mean check engine 
Decisions will need to be made so make them...sometimes not making a decision is your decision and that is ok. 
Going with how you feel to be best is never a wrong thing.
Love can be felt in a lot of different ways
Family memories can be lost in a matter of seconds so back up the ones that really mean something.
Boys are and probably always will be confusing. 
Over analogizing everything just makes things worse.
Hes just not that into you has a lot of truth to the movie
If he hasn't kissed you after say 5 hangouts then he is not going to kiss you
Health is something that shouldnt be taken for granted, family too.
Braces make you look younger no matter what age you are
Changes, although hard at first could possibly be the best thing for someone. 
Things take time to achieve
Spring doesnt always mean nice weather
Its ok to spend money on yourself once in a while
You can in fact get sick in the middle of the summer
Dierks Bentley is a great singer live, rain just makes it better
Fenders are sexy and surprisingly practical guitars for a first time buyer.
A picture a day isnt always the easiest thing to do
Rainbows from paces are addicting
Picking up a new habit is a great idea
Duke is still the best dog Ive ever known
Homemade ice cream is good
Boulders in parking lots mean another $500 to the Mazda repairs
Flossing in fact prevents cavities
Dont trust Dan on the jet skis when he says he wont make you fall in the water he is lying
Summer goes by way too fast
You are white skin so embrace it 
Road closures makes a person cranky
Mid season finales on tv exsist
Testimonies from time to time are tested
Lady Antebellum albums just get better each time
Moms are beautiful no matter how old they are
I love my job 
Building a clientele is acheivable and good things can happen with a little bit of focus
Gym passes are meant to be used 
5 years goes by fast
New friends can be made in the Lakeside ward 
Fall is still the best season
The change 6 months can bring physically
Prophets speak of Truth 
Smurfing till 6 am is so funny
True friends never leave 
A year can change someones life. Not giving up on their life is crucial.
Seeing an old friend is an instant mood boost
There is a lot to be Thankful for
How to make a sign for all the pot lucks at work
Life is certain for no one
Family is very important 
Sometimes there is a good in goodbye
Partying is best in Vegas... shopping too
25 isn't all that bad
Others love
The importance of not letting things get to me
There is good in people
Wear long socks when ice skating
Traditions are there for a reason
How to beat my family in Poker
Just because its Christmas with no snow doesn't mean it won't be a good one. 
Waiting for something, someone, or a situation is worth it sometimes.
People cant be relied on 
Things need to happen sometimes so other things can happen later
A year isn't as long as it was when you were a kid

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