Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Always use cooking spray

So there was this one guy that I liked/ like a lot. He offers to make me dinner. I decide to make us a dessert. I've made this dessert before and it has worked just fine. I ask him if he has a waffle iron and tell him I want to make us a dessert for after dinner. I was trying to make this...

but instead I got this ...

Yep that's right I ruined dessert and his waffle iron. I felt so stupid that I couldn't even make a dessert that was super easy to make. Lesson learned always use cooking spray. I told him I was going to take it home and clean it for him. He said he was just going to throw it away since he never uses it ( in my defense it was a really old waffle iron that I don't know works all that well anyway). I hate that I embarrassed myself so much in front of him. This is the guy I want to impress and I go and do something like this. So, I did what I said I would I cleaned the iron...took a lot of scrubbing and about and hour to get it to look like this.

Then I took a Sunday drive up to his place in Eden and dropped the waffle iron off at his door.

 I'm such an idiot it's no wonder he doesn't seem to be all that interested in me now. At least he has his waffle iron back, it's cleaned, I can feel good knowing I made it right by returning it. Now I get to work on acting like it never happened and try to get over him.


  1. heather when you find someone you really like and is worth it, you don't just give up so easily. what's the worst that could happen? think about it.

  2. I tried with him and he isnt going for me I cant make it happen on my own. I wish things were different but thats the way it is with me and him as of now