Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Guess what? I moved. I moved to a house in Woods Cross with my friend Liz and her sister Amy. The house is a great house. We have the whole 4 bedroom 2 bath house all to ourselves. It has a nice fenced yard with a huge deck too. I consider it a real blessing to have found the house. We are in a great neighborhood by a park that has the perfect trail for me to go walking ( and tone my fat self) I have been very impressed with the neighbors I think weve had over 6 different groups of neighbors come over to say hi. All of them bringing with them yummy treats. We have had everything from corn on the cob to bread to cookies. The mayor of Woods Cross and his family live a few houses up from us and his wife came over to introduce herself. The relief society from a ward we arent even in came by to welcome us to the neighborhood. I am in a new ward now. It is the nicest friendliest ward ever. They even came to our house for an Fhe to weed and clean out our whole yard ( we moved in and it was a HUGE disaster) I already had home teachers come ( I havent had home teachers visit me for over 4 years) While here the home teachers offered to bless the house for us.

I consider it a real blessing to be here. It hasnt been easy and moving in has taken time and in a lot of ways we still have a lot to do to settle in but for the most part it is now home. I have been asked by several to post pictures of my new place so for now here are the pictures I will probably post more when we get more of the house done. This is home
Our kitchen with the PINK counter tops

Front room

Front room

The Mantal that were still working on decorating

This table will be teal in a little bit

Oh baby do you love our swan shower doors ?

Front room and kitchen area

The mis matched appliances in our kitchen ( our kitchen is kind of an eye sore)

The Kelvinator hahaha

Dinning room area ( were making that whole wall chalk board )


Tv/movie area in the basement. This is where my couch and tv are at.

Laundry room downstairs

My tv and red dresser I recently painted

The couch barely fits in the space. Im still working on the curtains and pillows

My bathroom downstairs. Im getting different curtains these ones are ugly.

Is it weird that I love my shower curtain?

I had no storage in the bathroom so I bought this dresser.

My bitty closet

My new dresser

My new bed room and new furniture

My room had a shelf in it for pictures. Kinda perfect for me. 

New room

New dresser

I love love love this quote!


  1. It looks like a great house!

  2. love that shelf for the pictures in your room. and love all the white!

  3. I love your little pink flamingo house! It's great! We need to spend more time there though :)

  4. thanks come visit !

  5. What a cute house!! Can't wait to see more pics when you get things finished. That dresser fits perfect in the bathroom and I hope you post when you do the chalk board wall and the teal dresser! I really love all the white in your bedroom, it looks so serene and beautiful. So glad your neighborhood is awesome!

  6. So cute Heather, when can I come visit?!

  7. Love it! So much space! :) I especially love the Kelvinator.