Saturday, January 12, 2013


I got the best Birthday present for myself this year. Its amazing how quickly you can fall in love with 2.2 pounds of fluff. I met up with Bailey and her family at a Flying J gas station in Mccammon Idaho. It was  about a 2 hour drive from home. I was really nervous because I had never met Bailey and I was worried that she might not be a good dog. Thats a long drive for it to be a dog you dont want. The second he handed her to me I knew I wanted to keep her. I think the only thing I said was " oh my gosh, shes so tiny" and " how much is she ? " I found out that she was a twin and had one sister. Bailey and her sister were born in the back of their owners Infinity on October 23rd. They nicknamed her Finny.

On the car ride home, she was so cuddly and cute. The first night in her new home was surprisingly great. For a new puppy and it being her first night away from her mom this was a very good thing. She was mostly potty trained and was eating hard dog food the first night I brought her home. Her mom is a 5 lb Morkie and her dad is a 3 lb Yorkie. She is a Maltese Yorkie mix. I'm guessing she will only get to be about 5 pounds. She is a lot smaller of a dog than I thought I ever wanted, but when I came across the breed online, and of course after meeting her, I fell in love. 

The picture they had of Bailey online


On the car ride home

Car ride home
Car ride home
She slept by my neck for most the first night
The first night
First bath

Her new bow


  1. so... mccammon is definitely 2.7 minutes from my sister's house. i don't know why i felt like you needed to know that

  2. They have a very nice Flying J gas station ha