Monday, September 30, 2013

The hair

my hair just kept breaking off in the back and sides

thin hair...ugh
Well, not sure if anyone was wondering about the hair post a few weeks ago, but Ill fill you in,
sooooo, I had my hair highlighted. My hair felt really dry after getting it done, which was expected, but then it started to break off and fall out. I had a freak out moment when it was breaking off in a lot of places about an inch from my scalp. I think the stress of it all didnt help, I noticed my hair was thinning a ton in the month after I got the color done. Stress will do that for sure. I have been trying to save my hair. I have cut it three times in the last month to try to stop the split ends. I've used all new expensive conditioners, I never use my blow dryer or much of any heat on it all. My hair still feels awful. Worst part is, I work with the girl who did it and it's caused a little drama. Im sad that my hair took so long to get it long and healthy and I had to cut it short...much shorter than I wanted.  It still feels different than how my hair did before all this color business. Im mad at myself for changing the color so close to my wedding. Ive just told myself that Im going to have to do extensions for the wedding and have tried to re assure myself that's ok. I should have just left my hair alone. I really miss styling my hair and hate all these short hairs I have.  I wish I could have my old hair back. I learned my lesson and Im going to be a lot more careful with my hair once I get it healthy again. I know that will happen, but it is just going to take time.

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  1. I haven't looked at blogs for a while and just caught up with yours. If it makes you feel any better, my hair is doing the exact same thing from falling out after having Claire. I look ridiculous. We can look crazy together :).