Sunday, October 20, 2013


So, I had the surgery to remove the lump. That damn thing. Im still waiting to hear results if its benign or not. Let me tell you, that is the worst thing to have to wait for. Seriously.... lets make Heather wait a whole week to find out if she has cancer or not... yeah that sounds awesome. All in all, the surgery went well. I had a lot of family there in the hospital and a lot of people fasting and praying for me. I am glad knowing others care enough to pray and fast for me. The whole time leading up to the surgery (all 6 months of it) has been really, really, difficult for me. I had a feeling that I needed to get the lump checked when I found it over 6 months ago. Then I had a very strong feeling to get it checked again, even after the scan and Dr told me its nothing to worry about. I debated for a while and stressed trying to figure out how I would pay for the surgery. To be honest, I still dont know how Im going to do it. Even with insurance, it is going to cost me a lot of money. I just knew I needed to get it checked again, I had a very strong feeling about it and....and so.... I went with that and got it removed. My surgery was last Monday. My boob hurts, and Im still stressed about the financial part of it all and not knowing. The lump is gone though, and soon I will know the results. Ive never seen my boob so bruised in my life. Thank goodness for pain meds!

The night before surgery, I received a Blessing. I went for a drive that night and ended up at the Temple. I sat there and just cried. I know that the Savior can help me through this trial and that through the Gospel I can find the courage to face whatever it is that lies a head of me. This is just going to be one more thing that polishes me. 

Freak out moment before surgery

B has been so supportive and gave me flowers the weekend before I had my surgery

my beautiful flowers 

I had some visitors while recovering they brought the best treats. Thanks for the support to my friends who have been there through this. You help in more ways than you probably realize. I am sorry for being so out of it lately.

The best hot chocolate from Kristy

The boobie cupcakes alayna gave me at work...made me laugh

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  1. I love your apartment! And I'm sorry you are going through this. I wish I had known.