Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I  bought new bed furniture it looks like this -

I always thought I wanted a black set till I saw this -

 Now I dont know what to do. Do I go totally out of my normal comfort and get white or do I stick to what I know I like and get black? I called and since they havent delivered it yet I can change it to the white one that looks like the one below... Any advise would be great.

Saw these white bedroom sets. I can do white with silver and red and make it look so glam. Seeing all these gorgeous bedding sets in white makes me doubt my original idea to get black

What do I do ? What do I do?


  1. Go white! I always stick with black but I'm loving the white!

  2. I have white too and I like it. I think it makes everything look brighter and cleaner.