Monday, March 24, 2014

Guess what ?!?

So guess what ? I have a new boyfriend. Hes pretty amazing, and cute.

Eye color: dreamy hahaha

 I feel really lucky, and here is the best part, I am happy. Genuinely happy. We met through his older brother who was in my singles ward years ago. I found Kolby on Facebook and added him cause he was really cute. After that I started dating Brady and you all know what happened with that. After me and Brady broke up Kolby emailed me on Facebook and asked me out. It was really cute what he wrote in the email. We went to a rodeo in Ogden March 1st.

 I was actually asked out to the rodeo by someone in my ward and I turned them down to go with Kolby. The guy who asked me out and I turned down was in the same section as us at the rodeo. Kolby kept making fun of me. It was way awkward. We got dinner after and watched a movie. We kissed on our first date, I know some of you probably judge me for that one, but I dont care. It felt really comfortable around him and I was wanting to kiss him most of the night. I haven't wanted to kiss a guy like that in a while. I had been going out a lot before the date with Kolby I knew that he was the one I wanted to be around most though. I had the best time with him out of all the great guys I was meeting. I get a long with him so well and he is a lot like me. It is so refreshing to be around someone who makes me so happy and who I love being around. Someone I get so excited to see and think about all the time. He works graveyards and that has been really hard, but we have seemed to make it work and I've been able to see him every night since we became exclusive March 16th. We both have had things to over come. I feel like this past little bit has been a time of being re defined for me. I have felt a huge shift in my life, a re direction from what my life was before and although that wasn't easy, I am glad I found someone who makes me this happy. 

so I really hate this picture of us but this was us at the Rsl game Saturday.

After spending all day with my guy

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  1. I'm glad you found someone who can make you happy :)