Thursday, October 28, 2010

Amoxicillin...the new best friend.

I havent mentioned it more than maybe 50 times on this blog how much I love October. It seriously is my favorite time of year. Lucky me, and thanks to my horrible immune system, I got sick the week of Halloween. It started after Witches Night out with the girls. After we got home I started feeling really light headed and just felt funny. I lay down and thought "oh crap I'm getting sick" Sure enough I was sick the whole weekend and the rest of the week. I thought it was just going to be a little cold no biggie. It turned into a lot more. I had an on going 5 day headache and my throat got so swollen. To top it off I was congested which led to me having a hard time breathing. I decided to go to the Insta Care, even though I HATE going to the doctor. I mostly hate waiting in the waiting room and then the dreaded swab test for strep. Hell I hate that dang swab. The Dr didnt take too long which I was grateful for. He kept saying "wow your throat is so swollen, looks like an infection." He gave me a work release and the prescription for Amoxicillin. It is my new best friend. After I took one does I already noticed a difference. Thank you modern medicine. I didnt notice till I got home but my Dr was Dr Pepper which made me laugh.

Needless to say I missed our family Halloween party, the ward Halloween party and both times  I was going to wear my Flo Progressive Auto Insurance costume. I was so sad I missed it all. I guess its just not Halloween without me getting sick. I feel like I get sick every year at the worst times. I am however very grateful for the place I work at. They were so understanding... all of them. They helped me cover the shifts I couldnt make it to and they all made sure things worked out so I could stay home and get better. Same with my friends I had a lot of friends ask how I was doing on a daily basis. Melissa even brought me ice cream. I have some great friends. Im crossing my fingers that this is the first AND last time I get sick this year. Im also hoping Ill be completely better by Halloween so its not completely ruined this year. I also decided that I really look horrible when Im sick, if I had to cover it up that Im sick I wouldnt be able to. Sick is not a good look for me at all.


  1. Flo Progressive??? Ahh MAN that would have been so SWEET! ha ha ha... you are so dang creative. Hope you are getting better quickly. :(

  2. do you get sick at halloween on a regular basis? i get sick every Christmas. no fun. i hope you are feeling better!