Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend in Logan

I had some time off work so I decided to go to Logan for the weekend. The weather was horrible but it was fun being back in Logan. I got to do a lot of fun things, pizza dinner, swimming, hot tubing, breakfast at Angies, movie, lunch at Pita Pit, hanging out at 1st dam, Aggie ice cream and ....

...I got to see this boy.

It was a really fun weekend even though the weather was really not good at all. It was fun seeing "B" again (after almost 2 years) and being back in Logan where I had a really good time living way back in 2009. (can't believe it was really that long ago)


The drive and the dumb weather

After swimming

Aggie ice cream good!

My birthday cake Aggie ice cream!


  1. hey, that's ryan! he's in one of my classes, we're in a group together! small world, eh?

  2. ha ha way small ... I dated him when I lived in logan forever ago.