Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My somewhat productive day

I took time off work to go on my ward camp out in Blanding Utah ( yes Blanding Utah ) upon talking about the trip with my mom we realized that my ward camp out was the same week as her girls camp. Being the Young Women President she kind of has to go and Mark was going as the Priesthood holder. This left one little and very cute problem...his name is Duke. I took 3 days off work to go on the camp out and since Duke needs lots of love and attention, 3 days is too long to leave him 2 maybe ( ha ha kidding). I decided to stay home. We can pretend that the fact I still know no one in my ward and the thought of being 5 hours away from home on a camping trip with them had little influence on my decision to not go. So I am trying to make it a productive 3 days to make it worth taking time off. Oh and when I say productive I mean productive in doing either absolutely nothing or considering doing something but only if its really fun. I have been somewhat un successful in planning fun things to do.Trip to St George to see Little Mermaid at Tuachan ...fail. Cabin outing in Heber....fail. Mati Pageant...most likely a ...fail. These are just some of the things I've tried to do. The others aren't really worth mentioning.

Today I woke up (wont say when) and ate some golden grahams, they were good. I didn't even comb my hair today, went to the bank to deposit my tips, ate a corn dog from DQ for lunch, took a guitar lesson with Jo from our friend Chris, wore a dress today, (yes a dress) bought a guitar tunner from a guy at Bountiful music, realized I've cut his hair and thought he was cute, flirted with guy from Bountiful Music, tried to get my phone fixed but was told (after driving to salt lake just to fix my phone) that it isn't fixable or actually that it is but it'd be $100 to fix my phone that's probably not even worth that. I got confused by the sprint lady and thought to myself  "Im not sure she knows if my phone can or cant be fixed," desperately tried to recover all my friends phone numbers, went shopping at stores I usually don't shop at, found a pair of really cute feather earrings, bought them, returned something at another store and proceeded to spend about 4 times the amount of the thing I returned, bought the movie "Breakfast at Tiffanys," which will be the first Audry Hepburn movie I've seen, was complimented on my dress, took a compliment from someone, cut a friends hair, got pizza and watched Bachelorette, wondered why she is still so hung up on Bentely, felt really guilty about the food I ate today, really guilty, finished laundry, deep conditioned my hair, and ended the night with painting my toes black with hot pink and white polka dots. All in all a somewhat, not really all that productive day, but I had fun because I didn't have to work or do much of anything.

 So if you ask me today was a really, really, GOOD DAY!!!! Hope yours was too!!!

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