Thursday, November 24, 2011

{THANK} ful

As I woke this morning I thought of something that happened this time last year. This day last year I woke to some really scary news and I spent my day visiting my brother in the hospital. The thing that I am mostly thankful for as I celebrate Thanksgiving this year is  that my brother is here. Even though he wont be spending Thanksgiving with me this year I am so happy to know he is still here to celebrate Holidays and the good times in life. I think of that day a lot and that time that it took him to heal. I am so thankful that today I have my brother. I am also very thankful for those people in my family who were supportive and lifted us up while my brother healed. I know it was a scary un settling situation for all involved, thank you for being strong so me and my family could be strong. Im especially gratful for my loving grandparents who helped him most. I am missing my family ALOT today and I'm sad I wont be spending Thanksgiving with them. I wish I could spend this Holiday with him and my mom and my other brother and even my dad. I'll write more of my gratitude list later when I'm recovering from all that turkey
{and carbs} until then...

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