Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Were gonna party like its your birthday !

I had a really great 25th Birthday! I spent it in Vegas with two of my friends Danielle and Kristy. We left Friday and got there LATE Friday night. We stayed at the Riviera on the strip which was way fun. We went exploring the first night and spent most the night going back and forth from the hotel trying to find something to do or grab something we had forgotten {like our ids}. People watched at the $1 shot table and danced to some crazy music with a girl who was getting married the next day. It was a mess the first night. We went shopping { a lot } They had the BIGGEST Forever 21 I've ever seen. We got frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity's. We stopped by most of the hotels and looked at their holiday decor which I loved of course. Later that night we tried to go hot tubing but apparently the hot tub wasn't by the pool and we were not about to walk around the hotel in our swim suits to try to find it. We went to a country club that night where the singer sang a song by Carrie Underwood just for us. We gambled a dollar or two and talked to the people who were gambling to figure the whole gambling thing out. We had dinner at a place that will remain anonymous with the crazy waitress that we loved. Then we went out dancing at Belaigio. We found a club that had dancing inside and out and had some very cute Idaho guys there who apparently were from where we were from. Walked about 4 miles that night in the freezing Vegas weather. { I never thought a doughnut could taste so good } Went to bed very tired. The next day we went shopping again. Drove one last time on the strip took some pictures at the Vegas sign with our new friend the Vegas strip sign volunteer. Made the long drive home and partied in Beaver. Listened to a ton of music on the I pod and Pandora got a free Birthday shake at Chilis and huge Dr peppers to go. It was the best Birthday trip I've ever taken. I couldn't have gone with better friends they made the trip so much fun. We got along great and did everything we had hoped to do while in Vegas {ok except that one thing that we talked about doing } I am really glad we decided to go.

On Monday {my actual Birthday} I went and got a massage and pedicure. I forgot how much I love both those things. It was the best way to spoil myself. My mom and step dad took me to Texas Roadhouse for dinner which was great as always. Then we opened presents. My mom got me gifts that fit me perfectly. I got a book that has a scripture a day, some really soft polka dot pjs, Ralf Lauren perfume that I've wanted forever, and a kindle fire. I feel like she really went over what she needed to on gifts. I had cake and peppermint ice cream with the family both brothers came. My mom made sure my 25th Birthday was a good one I really love her for all shes done for me. I was thinking about how I'm 25 now and how 25 years ago my mom was in labor with me. It made me so grateful for her and the love shes given me all these years. 25 years ago my family got their sister. I love my family. I went and saw New Years Eve with Bryce that night. It was a really great 25th Birthday!

I still can't believe I am already 25. I really hope that 25 is a good year.

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  1. so glad you had such a fun birthday celebration! here's to another year :)