Saturday, August 21, 2010

Some old things I came across take 2

Now to my Facebook posts which are more recent.

May 31, 2010
Heather according to Google:

Billons of laughs, loves to sing ALOT, amazingly random, youtuber,godly (loves god alot), has a fun life, has lame hair until she straightens it then its amazing, has rain boots, dresses up very weird, gives very good advice, accepts people for who they are, is a good actress, cant type without messing up every second, caring, flirts alot, sleeps alot...not an early bird, says random weird things,over exaggerates alot, thinks about death alot, loves food,doesnt think quietly, sorta impatient, has amazing eyes, a pretty smile, makes lame jokes that people dont laugh at, no butt, pale, soft skin.....sometimes, likes musicals, has a billion friends.

Fun, crazy, beautiful, witty, sarcastic, loving, kind, stupid funny, precious, good-catch, smart, kinda psychic,loves chocolate way too much, eyes the color of the carribean, empathetic, a girl you can't live without, once you've met can't get her out of your mind. Once you've kissed her, you're hooked. When she falls in love with someone, she falls hard and deep and will stay by you forever...unless you do some dumb stuff. She loves to laugh, play, and have fun. You don't want to ever see or make her cry.

A sweet charming girl, who is very caring.
An extermely good kisser.
Pretty or cute.
Fights for herself and people she cares about.

A lady who is everything. She is the best and worst, the most beautiful and least beautiful and loves to bathe and eat. Heather's are always a riot and should be revered for the wonderous ladies they are.

March 5, 2009
25 things about me:

1. I have never pierced anything but my ears.

2. I have grown up in the same house in the same neighborhood in the same city since I was 2.

3. If I were to choose a different name for me it'd be Megan.

4. I've only had short hair once growing it out has been the worst thing ever and I still hate my hair .... despite that, Ive always wanted an A line haircut but dont have the guts to do it.

5. I spend most of my time taking pictures( half of which I have no idea what to do with)

6. I have 2.329 songs on my itunes list.

7. If I had to choose peanut butter or oreo in my shake I'd choose peaunut butter, unless Im at yogurt stop, then I'd get vanilla yogurt with pie crust and rainbow sprinkles.

8. I have only moved away from home once and it wasnt till I was 22.

9. I own more black clothes then any other color and if it came between comfort or style, sadly Id pick comfort.

10. There are three places I want to go to most Africa, Australlia and Ireland.

11. I've only been in love twice...

12. ...Ive had my heart broken a few more.

13. I eat at Wendys more then anyother fast food place.

14. I would choose soccer over any other sport.

15. I know 3 songs on the guitar and all of them only play 4 chords so really I only know 4 chords on the guitar.

16. I have never traveled outside of the US.

17. I would choose the cold over hot because I like to wear coats over flip flops.

18. I have never slept a night in a hamock but have always wanted to.

19. I sometimes sleep walk but I am caught sleep talking on a regular basis.

20. I have 4 grandparents on each side so really I have 8 grandparents total.

21. I write in my journal everyday I have over 30 journals but only half have legit things written in them

22. I day dream alot.

23. I cry alot too.

24. Whenever I drive I have to have the radio on...Im not afraid to sing as loud as I can when Im driving by myself in the car and when I like a song I usually listen to it on repeat.

25.I have all 10 fingers and all 10 toes.

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