Sunday, March 20, 2011

Guess the jokes on me

Want to hear a funny story? 
A while ago I tried on a pair of my moms glasses. They were green and very cute I thought it was fun trying them on.I took some pictures of me wearing them since I had no pictures with me in glasses since obviously I don't need glasses. A few years later I had my friends convinced that I had to wear glasses and I even had a pair that I wore around them, thinking it was funny.Being good friends they told me that I looked great in glasses. This was all for fun.Fast forward about 2 years and I'm telling a friend of mine that " I have really good eye sight." That I'm "really glad I don't have to bother with glasses or contacts."
The green glasses

Pretending I need glasses
I have been having HORRIBLE headaches and I was scared that it was something I'd need to get an MRI for. I realized I hadn't been to the eye doctor in forever. I decided I would start eliminating things so I wouldn't end up needing to get an MRI and have the doctor tell me that I have a brain tumor or something super scary. I made an eye appointment and they dilated my eyes which freaked me out. The doctor told me that ......


Possibly the worst news. That's like going to the dentist and having him say you have a cavity or something. This is worse because I look so awful in glasses and at least if its a cavity it hurts for like an hour or two after and then I'm over it. No one sees inside my mouth and is like "oh man look at that cavity." Glasses are kind of the focal point on my face. Kind of hard to cover up the fact that I'm wearing glasses. I have looked a couple of places and have found nothing that I think looks good on me. That and glasses are the last thing I wanted to be buying right now. The doctor wants me to try out glasses and see if it helps with the headaches and then Ill switch to contacts if I need glasses more then just for driving and watching tv stuff like that. So I- Heather will shortly be wearing glasses from time to time. My eye sight, as it turns out, isn't as good as I thought it was. I was entertained by the whole huge pupil thing and I thought I wouldn't need those ugly grandma glasses they give you to wear after you've had your eyes dilated. I was wrong. So I rocked those ugly grandma glasses for a whole day.
Yep thats what my eyes look dilated( the 3rd pic was hours after I left the eye doctor)

The ugly grandma glasses that made it possible for me to see outside


  1. you do not look horrible in glasses. well, maybe those dilation protecting "grandma" glasses, but generally speaking, i think you look pretty cute with specs :)

  2. Heather! I think you look cute in glasses!

  3. glasses aren't so bad. I prefer contacts, but glasses are good too.