Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dear _____

My friends have been writing letters on their blogs to people that they would want to tell something to but can't and I like that idea. I just never did it till now. Think of it as flattery that I'm copying you girls.

Dear B-
I am really glad that things have worked out that way that they have.Even thought I wish some things didn't happen that happened with your past. I am trying to not let that get in the way of anything. I am surprised that we get a long so well so soon. I feel vulnerable and I know you do too. Its crazy how much I think about you. I still hate your love for techno music, but the fact you let me pick the songs in the car (the few times your radio actually works)  makes up for it. I still don't know what to do and I think giving things time is a good thing. I wish you'd understand that. I still think you need to be with some other girls to know what you really want. I have this feeling that going with other girls would be good for you. I'm not worried that you wont want to still date me after you go out with them. I hate that you question if I even like you. I thought it was pretty obvious. I realize I might have been mean to you and I hate that I was. I promise I didn't mean to hurt you.You do some of the cutest things and I really like the way you are and how you are around me. I don't think I have had a guy treat me as good as I see you treating me. Things are going good and that scares me. I don't like how you don't talk things out with me. I swear you better not hang up on me ever again or go a whole day without talking to me or telling me whats going on. You can act like a girl sometimes. I actually think its really good when a guy shows his emotions in front of a girl. Just not when they use their emotions to hurt other people. You really hurt me when you did that. Work was not fun that day we didn't talk at all. I hate that you made me come to you and smooth things over, but I'm glad things are better now. I almost said "I love you" the other day and that threw me off. I like who you are. I feel like we just fit. Trust in that and hang in there with me while we figure things out. I want to be your girlfriend {someday} just not now.
Ps I mean it when I say I miss you.

Dear Ice Skating Boy-
Timing sucks I hate that I met you right before things started going so well with B. I have had the best time with you the few dates we've gone on. I think we get a long great and we always seem to have a lot of fun. Sometimes I wonder if we have that just friends type of relationship. The one that if you try to date and hold hands and kiss it will ruin everything. I don't want to lose you as a friend. I feel really bad that you spent that much on dinner. That cake was one of the best cakes I have ever had. It was really "naughty." hahahaha. I like how you are one of those genuinely nice people. I wasn't just dating you for your car and the heated seats. Those were a huge perk and I seriously never wanted to get out of the car into the freezing weather. I love those heated seats. I wish I had more feelings for you or that I would have met you a year or two ago. I don't ever want to hurt you or ruin the friendship that we have. I pretend that you are really busy which in some mean way makes me feel better for not being better at staying in touch with you.

Dear G-
Why did you kiss me? I think of all the guys Ive kissed it was the worst kiss Ive had. I know that is harsh, but wow, it was really bad. I should have known better when at dinner you wouldn't even make eye contact and the way you would lick your fingers after eating. Ive never seen someone put that much ques o on one chip...ever. You seem so cocky and I am surprised I still spent time with you. I should have gone with my gut feeling that we weren't and aren't compatible. You didn't really like me back did you? I am sorry if you did and I am sorry for not responding to your text.

Dear other B and K-
I miss you both a lot. You two are some of my best friends and I am sad it didn't work out with either of you. I hate seeing you like and date other girls. It kills me. I am glad our relationship is different then any of my other ex's. I never want to lose you. Even if it means we are just friends and every time I see you I just want to kiss you.

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